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Hi! – My Name is Nicholas Hurd

I have been working with contractors and developing software for the construction industry for decades. Most of my clients in the past were successful construction companies because they could afford my services.

In working with them, I uncovered the reasons they are successful. I decided to take the secrets I learned and use them to assist small and medium sized contractors achieve the same level of success.

The result is

The Contractor’s Profit System™

The original version of The Contractor’s Profit System was introduced years ago and has sold over 4,000 copies. The program is a desktop app that requires a PC to function. In 2021 we decided to move into the 21 century and develop a mobile app that will work on any mobile device.

The Contractor’s Profit System Mobile provides all the functions and features of the original desktop app and more!

  1. Your estimates by sections, like foundations, framing, roofing, etc.
    This means that you will be able to find duplicated or missed items in your estimates. And, you clients will love the organization of your estimates when you present to them.
  2. Measurable Items are the core of making money on your estimates
    When you estimate with measurable items, you can find where you are making money and adjust losing items to make money on your next estimate.
  3. Simplified budgets make it easy for you to track the costs of your jobs
    Many contractors do not track the costs for their jobs because they think it is to hard or too much work. And, if you are attempting to track each nut, bolt and screw, it is! Simplified budgets take the drudgery out of tracking your job costs.
  4. You will find the integration with QuickBooks increases the confidence level in your estimates
    At the click of a button simplified budgets are created in QuickBooks so you can track your costs as you pay your bills. You will receive a copy of “How to Wring Every Dollar out of Your Projects Using QuickBooks”. This e-book illustrates how you use QuickBooks to maximize your profits, job after job.

The Secrets to Making Money

I wrote this book in 2009 as another way of helping small and medium-sized contractors thrive in today’s competitive world. The forward to the book was written by Mike Weiss who was the training manager for the National Association of Homebuilders at the time. And, he was also a Contractor’s Profit System client.

Nicholas’ Book on Amazon

Nicholas is Presenting This Video Introduction to The Contractor’s Profit System™

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  • Help you achieve a fair profit on your jobs
  • Help control labor costs


If you do similar projects, like kitchen and bath remodels, you will see that templates

  • save you hours preparing your estimates
  • increase the accuracy of your estimates
  • and produce estimates that will wow your customers

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Detailed Estimates

When you present a detailed estimate to your customer you are demonstrating that you are a professional and will do a professional job
You save yourself problems later in the job. That is because if it is not in the estimate, it is not in the job. You hassles with your client and Freebies. And, you get change orders, improving your bottom line.


You can save time when you estimate with assemblies. They allow you to take-off several items at the the same time. One entry can capture 10 or more items for your estimate.

Copy Estimate

You can easily create multiple options for your customers. Create the initial estimate. Then, copy it and change, delete, or add different options. This gives your customer the ability to select what they want for their job. AND, it gives you the edge over your competitors.

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