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When you implement the 7 Estimating Secrets you are going to see a change in your business. You are going to:

  • Make a fair profit on your jobs
  • Win more jobs even though your estimate may be higher than others
  • Have more time
  • Create accurate estimates
  • Have more confidence that jobs will make money

You’ll find this process:

  • will create reliable, dependable results
  • Is a step-by-step way to keep you on-track
  • helps you produce accurate estimates
  • keeps track for labor productivity

“Contractor’s Guide to 7 Estimating Secrets” give you what you need to know to about the secrets. The guide is a model of the 7 estimating secrets.

And, with this model, and research, you can create the steps you need to implement the 7 secrets.

It will take some time. You may make a few wrong turns.

I’m sure your can do it!

On the other hand.

If you’re a busy contractor you probably don’t have the time to research several of the steps in the 7 Estimating secrets.

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“The 7 Estimating Secrets Blueprint” expands on the information in the guide.

All the research has been done for you in the Blueprint.

You get an implementation guide.

It takes you step-by-step through the process of implementing the 7 secrets.

Saving you time and frustration.

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And, get on the road to:

  • Making a fair profit on your jobs
  • Having more time
  • Winning more jobs
  • And, much, much more

I have been told I should sell this blueprint for $29.95 because it is such a valuable resource.

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