“Because the application is highly customizable, I can fit it to my environment”

“Just a quick note to let you know how you are doing!

I’m working through the getting started guide and I’m very impressed with the writing style. It’s very easy and is an immense help with shortening the learning curve. Because the application is highly customizable, I can fit it to my environment. Now I can create estimates that make sense to me and I don’t have to work the way someone else wants me too.

I’m especially impressed with your company procedures. I called and after 1 ring I had someone on the phone. No navigating through menu’s to reach someone I don’t know. It was really a pleasure to talk to the person I reached (sorry, I didn’t get his name) because he didn’t talk down to me. After I bought the software, I got a call thanking me for my purchase. Funny, I’ve spent a bunch of money at Microsoft and never got a thank you. It really means a lot.”

Paul L. Crouch
Los Angeles, CA

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