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Closing Jobs & Making a Fair Profit

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How to Close Jobs and Make a Fair Profit

In today’s world, it’s a challenge for an honest contractor, that doesn’t have the right tools, to make a reasonable living. I’m assuming you’re an honest, hard working contractor because you’re on this page.

Your competitors submit bids that are half complete, chose the crappiest materials and underbid their labor just to get the job. They’re hoping that they will be able to scam the prospect with change orders to try and make a profit on the job.

Those are the guys that give you a bad reputation by association.

I’ve talked with a lot of contractors, like you, that are in the same situation. They want to:

  • make a fair profit on their jobs as well as give the prospect/home owner good value
  • use good materials with good prices
  • be competitive
  • be proud of what they do and how they perform

Let me show you how you can:

  • Compete with the “cheap” bids
  • Make a fair profit
  • Provide great value to the prospect/home owner
  • Do it consistently job after job

When you do this you gain the respect of your prospects, your community and your family because everyone respects a successful contractor.

One of my clients opened my eyes to this approach. Quite frankly, I hadn’t thought of what we were doing in that way.

Here’s what Brian Kauffman had to say about The Contractor’s Profit System with LiteningFast Estimating.

“The two best things this program has offered us is to help our customers gain trust and confidence in us and to also protect ourselves from having to give our customers any extras without getting paid for them.

With the easy to generate detailed estimate we now incorporate our estimate with our contract so it takes all the guessing and assuming out of the equation. If it’s not on the detailed estimate then we didn’t charge you for it therefore we need to generate a change order.

The second thing is our customers love it. When we bid against other contractors who come in with this lump sum price that sometimes leaves them sticker shocked we come in with this estimate that’s broken down in every aspect of construction and they can see how we arrived at this lump sum price rather than something we just pulled out of the air.

Our customers are impressed and feel like they can actually see what they are getting for their money before we even start.”

If you’re not generating detailed estimates you’re losing in at least 2 different ways:

  • You will probably wind up with “give aways” because of misunderstandings during the negotiations
  • You don’t get the same level of acceptance and respect from your prospects

One other thing that Brian said:

“The best thing is they thank me for spending so much time to give them such a detailed estimate when it has really only taken me an hour to put together a 150k addition.” (He was using the Template feature of the program and you can too!)

How would it be to have your prospects thanking you for giving them an estimate? What would it be like to get more respect from them?

You can easily create detailed estimates that your prospects will love, and do it in record time, with The Contractor’s Profit System with LiteningFast Estimating. Check out how it will work for you, click here.

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