Construction Estimating Software – Is it Important to My Business?

There are many ways of messing up construction projects, and one of them is the lack of proper planning. Regardless of the size of the project you need proper planning beforehand and have to rely on on-hand details and precision. A construction project is where seeing the bigger picture does not matter unless you are ready to go into details.

What to Plan in a Construction Project?

So what do we mean by proper planning? Well, to start, you need a realistic estimate of materials and work hours/resources required to complete a project. In a construction project, this planning can never be ignored no matter how time-consuming it may be. After all, you will have accurate cost estimations for the project in hand and can navigate the trajectory of the project with this information.

How to Plan for a Construction Project?

To make the life of construction workers and contractors easy, technology has come to aid with construction estimating software. You do not have to rely on guesswork or have the most experienced team for accurate cost estimations. Cost estimation is only the tip of the iceberg, a construction estimating software covers almost every aspect of your construction business. Ary you having a hard time sorting your subcontractors? Or, trying to bid for a new project? Construction estimating software will be at your disposal.

What a Construction Estimating Software Does?

For any construction site owner, constructing estimating software does all the associated tasks with the construction. If you need to know the potential of a contract that you are going to sign, the use of this software will allow you to accurately estimate true value of the contract. Besides its core functionality of cost estimations, there are built-in tools that allow you to create reports, letters and contracts.

Why Construction Estimating Software is Important for a Business?

Now, for any business regardless of its size, there are some revenue leakages which just eat up most of the profits without giving the hint of their magnitude. If these internal revenue leakages are kept unchecked, will lead to a catastrophic situations for any business. To address this issue, construction estimating software provides you built-in modules to track your inventory, orders and your purchase history. To have all the data of your previous purchases and costs of products & services that you availed, enables you to compare costs thoroughly, tread carefully in your next projects and bid reasonably.

One of the things that differentiates a good estimating software from an averaging one is the flexibility it offers to adjust rising costs, changing evaluations and schedules. This software allows you to make instant changes to any aspect of your project while keeping every other aspect constant. These changes could be nuance or major project changes. Whether you need to change unit cost or add new service to the project for bidding purpose, construction estimating software will come handy.


How to Avail Full Potential of a Construction Estimating Software?

A standalone software that does not integrate with other tools has limited usage and potential for growth. Here it becomes way more interesting. You can integrate a construction estimating software with your accounting tools which gives way to a far more advanced usage of this software. Whether you are using SAP or any other ERP, just integrate it with this estimating tool and you can have access to your accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, inventory and everything that your ERP offers, without leaving dashboard of construction estimating software.

How Construction Estimating Software has made Life Easy?
Let’s be honest here, any aspiring construction contractor is a one man army who has to manage every aspect of construction and business, and issues that pop up more so often in this field. Use of this construction estimating software allows you to manage your general administrative tasks while having access to essential bidding information. In all honesty, this software liberates a contractor from messy operations by creating easier working atmosphere and giving access to tracking, costing and bidding of projects.

Looking for recommendation? Well, construction estimating software is a must have for any construction contractors. That being said, these are some basic features in a good estimating software that make life of a contractor easy while making him confident about the bidding and ongoing projects,

  • A construction estimating software is built upon standard industry practices
  • You can compare costs of subcontractors and know which one is best for what purpose
  • Tracking of jobs and services
  • Keeping view of all the divisions and subdivisions of your company
  • Keeping record of vendor quotes and comparing costs over the period
  • Construction estimating software is flexible enough to import national cost indexes
  • It can easily accommodate industry specific formulas calculations
  • Help you to decide whether a project is profitable of not based on present and past data

About the Author

Nicholas Hurd has been associated with construction industry since 1977 and thanks to his developed software i.e. Litening Fast Estimating in 1994, he has earned respect from all construction business verticals. As Nick describes, the main goal of the software is to help you with faster, easier and accurate estimates without compromising its ease of use. The integration of QuickBooks has been a game changer in providing accurate jobs costs. The popularity of this software speaks volumes about its quality as it has more than 4000 satisfied users all over US and Canada.

If you need more information, head over to The Contractors Profit System with LiteningFast Estimating and get rid of “Construction Cost Guesses“ from your business. Never to guess a cost again.

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