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The main difference between a construction project that has surpassed your budget and estimated time of completion and the one that completes on time and within budget is “Planning”. Even before the construction begins your careful planning lays the foundation of a successful project. One of the bottlenecks while planning these projects is to get your construction costs accurate. Most of the contractors miss this part and solely rely on their instincts and end up spending double the predicted cost.

Why do Contractors Need Construction Estimating Software?

To solve this ever-occurring problem, technology has come to the aid of construction contractors with “construction estimating software”. Wouldn’t you like your projects completed on time and within the estimated budget? Well, construction estimating software will just do that and will understand almost every aspect of your business, including monitoring of your proposals.

What Is a Construction Estimating Software?

A construction estimating software provides you a roadmap until the completion of your project and the costs associated with every step along the way. No project is perfect, and you should take into consideration those unexpected hiccups or use construction estimating software that does that. It takes into account those hidden costs that you are not able to anticipate while just starting out.

You must be feeling overwhelmed by the features of this software and might be thinking that this is only for big construction companies. Well, it is not. The construction estimating software is designed to cater to the demands of almost every construction company, whether you are one of construction giants or just aspiring to make your mark in construction field. Once you unleash the power of programming and planning that has been put into this software it will surely make you a dependable service provider for your customers.

It is quite hard even for seasoned professionals to calculate costs accurately even with decades of experience because of ever changing industry standards and rates. Leave the accurate estimations to the software. If you have somehow perceived it to be a one trick pony that only estimates costs, well you are in for a surprise. Any good construction estimating software helps you streamline every time-consuming process that takes much of your productive time. From estimating costs to keeping your desired profit margins, figuring costs associated with subcontracting and budgeting for unforeseen costs, it does all of that in blink of an eye.

What to look for in a Construction Estimating Software?

If you are looking for a software that automates your business, then you should look for availability of these tools in an estimating software:

  • Cost estimation reports
  • Complete Project estimates and stage wise estimates
  • Scheduling consideration of business processes, services and reports
  • Invoicing forms and formats
  • Statements and letter of acceptance/rejection templates

All the provided forms should be properly formatted, customizable and printable or downloadable

  • Process tracking capabilities
  • Inventory management

What to Consider While Choosing an Estimating Software?

If you are an aspiring construction entrepreneur and want to have a construction estimating software at your service, then be sure that it aligns with your future endeavors and technology improvements. A good software has scalability options where it is capable of assisting small construction businesses and helping large business as well. So be sure to go for a software that is perfect regardless of business size, otherwise there is always the risk of outgrowing your software capabilities and hunting for a new one.

A standalone software that only provides you estimates is of no use if it does not store the vital data for your business. You should be able to access past data to help you in decision making. This is where the database integration and archiving features of a software come handy. By just looking at past data and future predictions you should be able to prepare yourself for any material shortages or overtime and downtime. As per set industry standards, construction estimating software should provide you with profit and loss statements but also include operating essentials like employee payroll and management.

Ease of Use

Ease of use can make or break a software. While technology is now more focused on UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience), we have started seeing the efforts made by these estimating software companies as well. The trait of an estimating software is that it is easy to use for every level employee and is not just designed for tech savvy people. At the end we use these software to increase productivity and if a software is taking much of your time in understanding its flows and process then may be it is not worth it. Considering ease of use, a good construction estimating software should have these embedded ease of use qualities,

  • Easy Installation
  • Task Success Rate
  • Task Completion Time
  • Retention Rate
  • Minimal Error Rate
  • Simplicity
  • Technical Clarity
  • Flexibility
  • Cultural Adjustability
  • Responsiveness
  • User Support

How to Choose Best Construction Estimating Software?

Well, choosing “Best “is relative in the case of construction estimating software. For example, your main requirement would be to generate cost reports while others may prefer the profit & Loss feature etc. So, any software that meets your requirements is surely best for you but may not be for another company. Before selecting a construction estimating software you need to analyze your main goals for acquiring such software i.e. what are your pain points that a software must address and what are the features that you can live without.

Or if you want a construction estimating software that follows all the industry standards and has high user ratings then look no further as Litening Fast Estimating ( does just that.

About the Author

Nicholas Hurd has been associated with construction industry since 1977 and thanks to his developed software i.e. Litening Fast Estimating in 1994, he has earned respect from all construction business verticals. As Nick describes, the main goal of the software is to help you with faster, easier and accurate estimates without compromising its ease of use. The integration of QuickBooks has been a game changer in providing accurate jobs costs. The popularity of this software speaks volumes about its quality as it has more than 4000 satisfied users all over US and Canada.

If you need more information, head over to Litening Fast Estimating and get rid of “Construction Cost Guesses“ from your business. Never to guess a cost again.



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