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Brian Kauffmann, Kauffman Contracting

What would be like if you could make $150k job winning estimates in an hour?


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Estimating Using Sections Make Your Estimates More Accurate

  • Good Question!
  • Sections are areas of the construction process like foundations, framing, roofing, etc.
  • Your job is easier because you focus on 1 section, like foundations, at a time.
  • That means you have a much smaller list of items for the section you are working on
  • It also means that it is much easier to spot missing or duplicated items in the section you are working on
  • Sections are at the heart of our system
  • you can use the list of sections we supply with the system OR create your own to fit your specific requirements

“I Was Able to Put Out My Estimates in Probably Half the Time”

Bob Obermeyer

Detail Estimates Demonstrate Your Professionalism

  • You are demonstrating to your client that you understand exactly what they want
  • Your client sees exactly what they are going to get for the money they are spending
  • You create a level of confidence with your clients because you have laid everything out
  • You win jobs over lump sum bids even though your estimate may be higher
  • You get change orders instead of hassles because…
    If it is not in the Estimate it is not part of the job
  • You can create your estimates as detailed as you want with our system

“has helped me stay in the black and look more professional.”

Ron Christianson, ON-SITE Construction

Measurable Items Mean Consistent Estimates

When you use measurable items, your estimating is consistent from estimate to estimate. That’s because you are using standard units, like cost per linear foot or per square foot or any consistent measure you choose.

The beauty of this approach is that you can compare your results to your budget. If you find a difference you can make adjustments if necessary for your next estimate.

Get Started in Hours Not Days or Weeks

You will discover there are video tutorials that cover every aspect of the system. In one session you can uncover how everything works. And, If you need a refresher at any time you can go back and review any of the tutorials. Sample Tutorial or maybe system overview

“We Were Able to do Estimates Almost Immediately”

Ben Hill, Ben Hill Builders, Inc.

Simplified Budgets in QuickBooks Help You Find any Problems Early

We create simplified budgets in Quickbooks.  You can easily keep track of your costs at the same time you are paying your bills and your crew. You (or your staff or bookkeeper) have to pay them anyway so why not track your job cost at the same time?

And, when you are tracking your costs you can view reports in Quickbooks that show you where you stand on your jobs. We show you exactly the ones to look at and how to analyze them.

Your advantage is you can rest easy if there are no issues with your jobs. If there are issues, you can spot them early while they are small. Then you can take action to correct the issue and save yourself from a big budget-busting quagmire.

The Accuracy Check Feature Helps You Find Errors

  • Use the budget report Accuracy Check to review each section of your estimate
  • Compare the costs of the current estimate to established standards
  • Find any errors BEFORE you give it to your client

“The Estimate Will be Dead on Target”

Dennis Tharrington, First Home Builders, Inc.

“There Just Isn’t Anything Better for the Small to Medium Size Contractor”

Sal Versaggi, Versaggi Construction

I am Releasing the System with Special Pricing. But Only for a Limited Time

Look, I have been told I should sell The Contractor’s Profit System with LiteningFast Estimating for at least $129 a month because it is so powerful.

I will get to the pricing in just a minute.

First, let me share a few of the many testimonials we have received

As I said, I have been told I should charge at least $129 a month for this powerful system.

But, I am not going to do that because I want as many contractors as possible to be able to afford this powerful system.

So I am not charging $129 a month

or even $99 a month

or even 79 a month

It is yours for the incredible price of only $47 a month.

But Wait, There’s More

You get these special bonuses

Bonus #1 a 49.95 value

“How to Wring Every Dollar Out of Your Projects Using QuickBooks”

You’ll discover the step-by-step tools you need to keep your projects running on a budget. These tools will help you discover any problems while they are small and before they become big budget-busting quagmires.

Bonus #2 a 29.95 Value

“How to Keep Thousands More In Your Pockets”

This guide takes you by the hand and shows you how you can keep more of the money you receive on your jobs in your pocket… not in the pocket of someone else.

Be a Winner, Act Now…

You can get started for only $47 a Month!

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If you act now, before the timer stops you get 1/2 Off for your First Year!

There is NO Contract. You can cancel at any time.

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This is working for:

  • General contractors, Remodeling contractors
  • Plumbing contractors, Electrical contractors
  • Tile Contractors, Framing Contractors
  • Drywall contractors, Roofing Contractors
  • Pool Contractors, Cement Contractors
  • HVAC contractors, Landscaping contractors
  • And just about any other trade you can imagine

Yes. You can have as many users on the system as you need. There is no limit. Each user requires a subscription.

  • Yes. You will find video tutorials that cover every aspect of the system.
  • We have found that new users that spend a few minutes reviewing the videos get started using the system must faster than those that don't

You can reach us by phone, email and support widget..

  • No, the program will work without QuickBooks.
  • HOWEVER, we recommend, in the strongest possible way, that you have QuickBooks desktop because it will help you survive in the long term

  • No
  • QuickBooks online does not support the same level of job cost that the desktop version does.

No. The PRO version does exactly what you need to make your business thrive

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