How Building Contractors Can Use Press Releases to Get More Business

No matter how brilliant you are at work or how creative your building ideas are, if people have not heard about you, they are of no use. We are living in the age of online marketing and online presence has become a necessity for every brick-and-mortar store or for building and remodeling contractors like yourself. Online presence is no more necessity for just online retailers. If you are trying to sell anything, from services to products, your online presence, and particularly online press releases are a way of letting people know about you and what you stand for.

Columbia Journalism Review found that in a single edition of Wall Street Journal, there were more than 100 news articles that were copied from press releases. If your press release is newsworthy and grabs the attention of any journalist, then it is free publicity for your company.

More and more people are getting their local news from online media. It is the right time to take leverage of the situation and build an online presence for your building company. Before we dive deep, let us find out what we are talking about here.

What is a Press Release?

Essentially press release is a summary of important news related to your company. Your main goal by publishing a press release is to inform the public about recent developments and attract news organizations to publish your press release. Unlike a detailed article, a press release mainly focuses on facts, figures, and highlights of your business.

Why Press Releases are important for your Building/Remodeling Business?

Social media has become indispensable and any business without active social media presence is missing out on a big chunk of revenue. Press releases for building contractors have become a new way of public relations and to promote your brand. First find out why press releases have become crucial for your business in the age of online marketing? Here are some reasons to back our claim.

1. Increased Revenue
We completely understand that the topmost priority for you would be to have more building and remodeling contracts coming your way. For that purpose, press releases play a key role in highlighting key benefits of hiring you as contractor.

2. Brand Image
As it is becoming easier to publish press releases, contractors rely on this strategy to reach out to businesses and homeowners more often. This frequent reminder promotes the image of the company, and you are in driving seat to control the perception of your brand.

3. Easy Targeting
With online publishing of what is coming or what to expect from your team, it has become easy to target your audience. With focus shifting towards online media to get news, your audience is just a click away from connecting with you.

4. Announcing Materials, Technology, Designs & Services
Who doesn’t like breaking news? The right use of press release makes any reader want to know more about your building ethics, design and services. By announcing new services through press release you get an immediate reaction from the audience, given that right distribution network is used. (More about it later).

5. Quality Control
Your press releases are in your hand and how you want them to look. Whether you want to add pictures or videos to it or add more links, it is up to you.

6. Possibilities of Going Viral
As they say, no publicity is a bad publicity, press releases do provide an opportunity to go viral for good or bad reasons. A good press release that checks all the interests of a reader does have the potential to go viral like any other breaking news attracting more eyeballs.

7. Search Engine Optimization
The improvement in SEO is a neglected benefit of press releases. By using right mix of keywords, a press release serves as an article on your website as well. The sharing of press release on other sites and media gives you a chance to add more backlinks to your profile, ultimately increasing your search engine rankings.

8. Free Advertising
Besides using distribution channels, if your press release catches eyes of any news organization and they decide to publish then it is free marketing for you. But for this achievement your press release should not only be stellar but also newsworthy as well.

So far it would be clear to you that why you should be using press release as part of your online marketing campaign. Now let us move our focus towards how to actually use press releases.

Press Release Ideas for Building & Remodeling Contractors

The purpose of press release is to engage readers with your company and give them ideas on how they can build or remodel their homes and offices. If you are going to write boring details about your business, then do not expect bulk of customers coming your way. You press release should be around interesting facts and figures and stories. Yes, we understand that if you are going to do it for the first time there won’t be many ideas in your mind on how to actually do this. Here are few press release ideas to engage reporters for publication and potential customers.

  • Let the public know about your recent projects and what the hurdles in achieving desired building structure were.
  • Share stories of satisfied customers.
  • Launching new services or acquiring new technology or expertise calls for the press release. This will get the key benefits of using you as contractor across to the customers.
  • Press Releases do the trick of spreading awareness if you have decided to relocate or have opened another office. Of course, mentioning these details on your website is absolute necessity as well.
  • If you have acquired any new machinery, then let the public know about this development. Sure, this new piece of equipment will make you more efficient for your customers.
  • Breaking news of any sort gets us excited and if you have any breaking news related to your company or to your niche then let the public know about it by press release.
  • Merger, Partnerships and Acquisitions are a sign of organizational change which indicate growth of the company as well. Share it with the public to unleash your true potential.
  • Let the public know if you are going to be part of any upcoming trade show with exact details about where to find you.
  • If at any stage you would like to go for rebranding, then press releases are the best way to let the public know about this change.
  • And finally, share your achievements over the years by press releases. Did you win an award for safety or for best design? Let the public know about it.
  • How to Write a Press Release?

Press releases are an official way of reaching out to public and you need to be persuasive while writing it. Here are helpful tips to make your first press release a success.

1.       Be sure about the newsworthiness of your press release. Even an amazingly written press release may fail if it isn’t attracting the public. May be people aren’t interested in upcoming 5th anniversary of your company but would be interested to know how you have remodeled a home built in 1950s.

2.       Headline of your press release is the most crucial part. Try to avoid boring headlines. For example, if headline of your press release is “New Home Remodeling Project Completed” then it will meet failure almost every time. Instead go for a headline like “How Our Remodeling has made this home 100% Energy Efficient”.

3.       Write a compelling subtitle which gives a hint of what to expect in the following text and leave the readers craving for more.

4.       In the body of your press release try to answer as many W’s as possible like “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and “why”. This is a chance for you to anticipate the questions and give their answers beforehand.

5.       Use images and multimedia for your press release. Yes, this is what makes it different and engaging from traditional news releases. Even if you are just starting out and do not have the luxury to add audio, video and graphs to your press release then at least use one unique image of a building or remodeling work you have completed. As per research of PR Newswire this single change can increase public engagement by 92% with your press release.

6.       Use as many facts and figures as you can in your press release. Not only use of this data gives authority to your press release but also appeals to the journalists and public as well.

7.       Remember, it is not an article. You would be charged by the distributors for the publication of your press release. Hence, you should keep your press release to the point and concise.

8.       Lastly, always remember to include your business details like your location, website and contact information in the press release.

How to submit your Press Release
There are plenty of ways you can go about this. One of the traditional ways would be to contact a journalist you may know and ask for publication of your press release. Over the time press release services have become sophisticated and you can use any of them to give more exposure to your press release. Here are some of the top ranked press release distribution services you should consider,

  • Your Local Newspaper(s)
  • Construction Dive
  • Newswire
  • PRWeb
  • PR Newswire
  • Send2Press Newswire
  • EIN Presswire
  • eReleases
  • Linking News

Additional to these traditional press release services you should consider social media press releases for the long run as well. As they are now called Press Release 2.0, social media press releases are growing in popularity. Besides this you may use HARO (Help a Reporter Out) as well where journalists and reporters are always looking for interesting news to share on their website. And if you believe your press release is newsworthy then HARO would be a good option for you.

Finally, do remember that it takes some time to convince people to give you a shot at their building project. One press release is not going to do wonders but consistent efforts will surely improve image of your brand and customers will follow. Give it a go.

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