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I Really Like is That It Speaks to Microsoft Word

“My name is Sal Versaggi, Versaggi Construction, Sonoma, California.

I’ve been using LiteningFast Estimating for over 10 years now. It’s so easy to use, I don’t know what to tell you. The support from the designer, Nick Hurd, is wonderful. I put an email to him, he responds quickly. I call him, he responds. He’s always been wonderful.
My computer’s crashed along the way, several times, and I had to reset the software up and every time Nick has been there to help me out.

So, the software is easy to use. It’s compatible, very compatible, with QuickBooks which is really good to have. It allows me to job cost and stay on top of my profit, or my losses. So I know where I’ve made my mistakes and where I’m profitable.

The other part about it I really like is that it speaks to Microsoft Word. It speaks to Microsoft Excel. That allows me to incorporate or transfer the job cost or the estimate into my proposals and into my contracts, so that we have a guideline of payments that the customer or client feels comfortable with.

And, as a result, I end up with a good software. Any software, especially estimating software needs to be accurate and versatile and I’ve found that LiteningFast is both.”

Sal Versaggi
Versaggi Construction
Sonoma, California

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