“I Was Able to Put Out My Estimates in Probably Half the Time”

“Hi, my name is Bob Obermeyer I’m a builder from Cape May, New Jersey. I just called in to talk about the estimating program. I have bought Litening Software. It was very easy to set up and learn and once I had everything set up the way I wanted it, I was able to put out my estimates in probably half the time I was taking before hand, but that really saved me a lot of time doing it that way.

I’ve never had a problem with the actual software. The only time I actually needed support was when my computer had a virus and I had to reload the program and I was able to get ahold of Nick and even though he was on vacation, he worked things out for me and got me the numbers I needed so I could get the program back up and running and I really appreciated that.

So that’s all I had to say, thanks.”

Bob Obermeyer
Cape May, New Jersey

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