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“If You Need to Get Up and Running This Week… Get LiteningFast”

“Although I have been a carpenter and a contractor for 24 years, it has only been 9 years since I began ‘computerizing’ my trade in business.

If you are like 85% of construction outfits in this country (5 employees or less) you know that there just isn’t the time or the money to learn a new way to do something you’ve been doing all your life.

Litening Estimating is simply the most efficient estimating program available today.

I’ve worked with 5 other programs over the past 6 years and they have proved more cumbersome and limited than Litening. Now the deeper integration with QuickBooks Pro makes this program the only choice for REAL Contractors.

If you’re a big-spending schmoozer who has somebody else estimate your jobs, you might be impressed by one of the high-dollar “suites” with bells and whistles you’ll never get to toot. I’ve worked with two of them myself. Grief.

But if you need to get up and running this week and you want an estimating program that can grow with you and be customized to do things your way, get LiteningFast.

Here’s the nutshell version:
* Ready-made categories or create your own, or both.
* Smooth accounting integration with QuickBooks Pro (the best).
* NICE presentation printouts, Customizable in Word or Excel.
* WAY Cost effective with Time efficient implementation.
* Personal communication for support with the developer.
* Almost totally customizable for doing things your way.

I started using this program with Version 4 nearly 5 years ago, and experimented with more complex systems thinking I could do better. Forget it. Now Version 6 is cleaner and more versatile than ever.

I have spoken with Nick, the developer, personally on many occasions by phone to resolve issues or understand the program better. Unheard of.
Well worth the small investment.

Thanks Nick.”

Michael Cramer
Cramer Construction Concepts
Coure d’Alene, ID

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