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But First…

Prior to finding The Contractor’s Profit system, Tom had been a successful contractor for about 5 years. Then he went through a rough patch.

He underbid a couple of contracts. One of the underbids was especially bad.

Cash flow was a real problem. He ran up his credit cards.

He has to lay off part of his crew because he couldn’t pay them. Tom had to get on the job and start swinging a hammer himself.

It got even worse when one of the jobs refused to pay the current progress payment because they Construction Estimating job cost is easier with simplified budgetswere unhappy with the materials that Tom has used.

Tom took out a second mortgage on his house to get some cash.

And, it got worse…

A project Tom bid on that he thought would save the company went to another contractor. This time he had overbid the job. He was gun shy from his 2 underbids.

Tom’s wife went to work to help pay the bills.

Tom told me he was pretty desperate!

He then told me about the event that saved his business and his life. As it happened, there was a high school class reunion.

At the reunion, he got talking to Ralph, a former classmate, and friend from high school. Ralph was also a contractor and lived in a town about 100 miles away.

Ralph was doing well and had more profitable work than he knew what to do with. His business was successful and sustainable.

Tom shared his problems with Ralph. Ralph sympathized and said he had gone through some real challenges a couple of years ago. He found a solution to his problems.

Ralph told Tom about the system that had saved his business  – The Contractor’s Profit System with LiteningFast Estimating.

Ralph shared how the system worked and how it helped him quickly and easily generate accurate estimates that his clients loved. And, even better yet, he made a fair profit job after job. He shared how the budgets in QuickBooks were easy to follow and had saved one of his jobs from a cost overrun.

Tom was sold and the next day he signed up for the system. One of the great things was the price was very affordable. It was a small monthly payment that Tom could easily afford.

The other thing that impressed Tom was the ease of getting started. He spent an hour or so watching the video tutorials and got started with the system.

Tom’s next bid, using the system, impressed his clients with the detail of what they were going to get for the money they were spending.

Because of the detail, they were confident that Tom was reliable and knew what he was doing.

And, his detailed estimate blew away several lump sum bids the client had received even though Tom’s was more expensive.

Tom got the job and made a profit from it. He was on a roll.

Tom continued to use the system and appreciates the ability to track his costs as he pays his bills. Tom has continued to profit.

His credit cards are paid off.

His wife doesn’t need to work anymore.

Tom has recommended The Contractor’s Profit System with LiteningFast Estimating and QuickBooks to many other contractors.

This little chat with Tom reminded me that many contractors go through rough times.

And some do not survive.

Having a system that helps you quickly and easily create profitable, job-winning estimates goes a long way to keeping your business profitable.

Let’s go back to the “Solution” I mentioned earlier

The Contractor’s Profit System™ with LiteningFast Estimating™ was designed from the ground up to work with QuickBooks. That was, and is, the original intent of the system, to partner with QuickBooks.

Discover how you can get started in your business, starting today, putting you on the road to the success you want.

Let’s talk about the tools to get you on the road to
A Profitable and Sustainable Business

Here is what you are going to get with The Contractor’s Profit System with LiteningFast Estimating.

  • How estimating by sections saves time and eliminates errors
  • Why assemblies allow you to estimate more accurately
  • Why templates streamline your estimating, save you hours, and win more jobs
  • Why simplified Budgets In QuickBooks make Your Job Cost As Easily As Paying Your Bills
  • Accurate trackable estimating, not guesstimating means you’ll make money on every job
  • Structured takeoffs that reduce and eliminate errors because you don’t have missing or duplicated items
  • How adding notes at every level of your estimates shows your customer exactly what you are going to do and eliminates any misunderstandings
  • How you design your database to fit your needs, not someone else’s idea
  • The ease of getting started and how quickly you will be creating your estimates
  • Which reports you run in QuickBooks to track EXACTLY how your job is going
  • How to pay your people in QuickBooks so you are tracking their time with no more effort
  • Why the Copy Estimate function will save you hours and give your clients more options
  • How you can adjust any prices to fit specific job requirements without modifying your database

Why do Detailed Estimates Make Your Job Easier?

  • You are demonstrating to your client that you understand exactly what they want
  • Your client sees exactly what they are going to get for the money they are spending
  • You create a level of confidence with your clients because you have laid everything out
  • You win jobs over lump sum bids even though your estimate may be higher
  • You get change orders instead of hassles because…
    If it is not in the Estimate it is not part of the job
  • You can create your estimates as detailed as you want with our system

How do Assemblies Make Your Estimating Easier and More Accurate?

  • Assemblies are a group of items and labor that you take off with 1 entry
  • Instead of making numerous entries, each with its own quantity with numerous possibilities for misentry, You make 1 entry that captures all of the items required
  • You save time because you only need 1 entry instead of several
  • You will find there are 2 levels of Assemblies in our system to fit your specific needs

What are the Benefits You Get from Using Sections? – One of the Secrets.

  • Good Question!
  • Sections are areas of the construction process like foundations, framing, roofing, etc.
  • Your job is easier because you focus on 1 section, like foundations, at a time.
  • That means you have a much smaller list of items for the section you are working on
  • It also means that it is much easier to spot missing or duplicated items in the section you are working on
  • Sections are at the heart of our system
  • you can use the list of sections we supply with the system OR create your own to fit your specific requirements

How do You Benefit from Using QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Certified

We create simplified budgets in Quickbooks.  You can easily keep track of your costs at the same time you are paying your bills and your crew. You (or your staff or bookkeeper) have to pay them anyway so why not track your job cost at the same time?

And, when you are tracking your costs you can view reports in Quickbooks that show you where you stand on your jobs. We show you exactly the ones to look at and how to analyze them.

Your advantage is you can rest easy if there are no issues with your jobs. If there are issues, you can spot them early while they are small. Then you can take action to correct the issue and save yourself from a big budget-busting quagmire.

How Are Measurable Items Going to Improve Your Profits?

When you use what I call “Measurable Items” you are able to see where you are making money on your projects and where you may NOT be making money. Measurable Items use the cost for materials, labor, and other items on a measurable basis.

For example, you calculate the cost of a wall either per linear foot or per square foot. That way after you build the wall, assuming an accurate initial measurement, you can compare your actual cost to your budget cost. If there is a variance  – either positive or negative – you adjust your estimating database for the next job.

You’ll discover that Measurable Items are at the heart of our system.

Why Would You Want Notes in Your Estimates?

Cloud computing concept. Sharing data on server.
Using laptop for sending data on cloud server.

There are 2 major reasons for adding notes to your estimates.

  1. As a reminder to yourself of what you were thinking when you selected a particular item in the estimate
  2. As a Sales Point for your clients. You can identify the quality of materials you are going to use in an area
  3. Or a different Sales Point what materials they selected for use in an area
  4. And, like detailed estimates, it gives your client an enhanced level of confidence in your abilities
  5. You can add notes at every level of the estimate structure and you have the option to print or not, the notes on the estimate you give your client

What are templates and Why Would I Want to Use Them

Wooden blocks are stacked in the shape of a pyramid.
  • Templates are Pre-Built Jobs
  • If you do similar kinds of jobs regularly you can build a template for those kinds of jobs
  • Normally, you include different options in the template and you delete the ones you don’t need for a specific estimate
  • Instead of potentially taking many hours for an estimate you can create it in minutes – delete the extra items you do not need for the current estimate and you are done
  • This saves you lots of time
  • Reduces potential errors
  • Give you more time for getting more jobs
  • One of our clients spent an hour creating a $150,000 estimate, from a template and won the job
  • You will find templates are an integral function of our system

Video Tutorials will Get You Up and Running FAST!

You will discover there are video tutorials that cover every aspect of the system. In one session you can uncover how everything works. And, If you need a refresher at any time you can go back and review any of the tutorials. Sample Tutorial or maybe system overview

I am Releasing the System with Special Pricing. But Only for a Limited Time

Look, I have been told I should sell The Contractor’s Profit System with LiteningFast Estimating for at least $129 a month because it is so powerful.

I will get to the pricing in just a minute.

First, let me share a few of the many testimonials we have received

As I said, I have been told I should charge at least $129 a month for this powerful system.

But, I am not going to do that because I want as many contractors as possible to be able to afford this powerful system.

So I am not charging $129 a month

or even $99 a month

or even 79 a month

It is yours for the incredible price of only $47 a month.

But Wait, There’s More

You get these special bonuses

Bonus #1 a 49.95 value

“How to Wring Every Dollar Out of Your Projects Using QuickBooks”

You’ll discover the step-by-step tools you need to keep your projects running on a budget. These tools will help you discover any problems while they are small and before they become big budget-busting quagmires.

Bonus #2 a 29.95 Value

“How to Keep Thousands More In Your Pockets”

This guide takes you by the hand and shows you how you can keep more of the money you receive on your jobs in your pocket… not in the pocket of someone else.

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