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The Contractor’s Profit System with LiteningFast Estimating Marketing Plan

The original desktop software has sold over 4,000 copies.

The latest version is cloud based, use it anywhere, software that, for the most part, is an updated similar version of the desktop version.

Features of the system:

  • Our clients can get started using the system in minutes. Unlike some more complicated systems that require days in a classroom to learn.
  • Or system is simple, yet complete. We do not have functions that if you do not use functions weekly you forget they exist.
  • Video tutorials cover every function in the system. Users can get started immediately.
  • Easy to use – dedicated to be as simple as possible, yet able to execute the requirements smoothly and effortlessly.
  • Our system covers every aspect that a building contractor needs to estimate a project.
  • Estimate presentation options are available to fit the needs of most contractors and the way they want to present their estimates.
  • Detailed estimates contain everything that is included in the project. That means that there is no hassle over what was included in the project. It also means that the contractor gets change orders instead of arguments and give aways.
  • Interfaces with MS Word and MS Excel so the contractor has additional options for presentation and contract.
  • Project templates allow contractors that do similar projects time and again like kitchen and bath remodels to create accurate, detailed estimates in minutes, not hours and days. One of our clients in a testimonial said he created a $150,000 room addition estimate in an hour and got the job.
  • Copy estimates allow contractors to easily demonstrate a variety of options for their clients. This facility makes it very easy for the contractor to win jobs.
  • Estimating by sections, like foundations, framing, roofing, etc. helps the contractor create accurate estimates without duplicate or missing items
  • Estimating using measurable items helps contractors discover where they may be using incorrect pricing so they can correct for the next estimate.
  • Complete takeoff items make the takeoff easy and reduce errors. Each takeoff item (we call them “items”) can have the material cost, labor hours and cost, equipment hours and cost, subcontract cost, and miscellaneous costs for each item. This means takeoff
  • For example, an item in the Framing Section would have the cost of materials, the number of hours, crew code and labor cost, and maybe and the number of equipment hours, equipment name, and equipment cost.
  • Job cost is as important as estimating because if you do not know how much it costs how can you estimate.
  • We seamlessly link to QuickBooks to create budgets which allow the contractor to track actuals costs to the budget.
  • Catching cost overruns early allows the contractor to take action before the issue becomes a big budget busting quagmire.
  • Creating budgets in QuickBooks allows the contractor to track their cost while performing their normal function of paying bills and paying employees
  • Simplified budgets make tracking costs while paying bills and employees easy to do so the job gets done.

Here is a video demo of the system


We have 10 testimonials from the desktop version of the program. We have audio testimonials for 6 of the testimonials. The testimonials refer to Litening and LiteningFast which is the name we were originally using for the system. I am having videos made of the testimonials.

Here is a carousel of the written and audio testimonials.

Our Approach

We want to acquire clients as simply as possible. Preferrable with very little or no person-to-person interaction. We want this to be as automated as possible.

In today’s world it seems that YouTube video sales letters are the best approach and that is our preferred approach at this time. That said, we are open to any approach that is cost effective (a positive ROI), is scalable, and moves us to our ultimate goal.

Trip wires

We have three different ebooks that we can offer as trip wires. One of them, the Blueprint can be used as a $7 upsell after the Guide. Here are links:

How To Keep Thousands More In Your Pocket


Contractors Guide to 7 Estimating Secrets That Make Money Job After Job

Something we have been playing with


Our Goal

Our goal after 6 months is to have $10,000 in monthly sales.


If we reach $10,000 per month in monthly sales by the end of month 6 a one-time bonus of 20% of monthly sales will be paid.

If we reach $5,000 per month in monthly sales by the end of month 6 a one-time bonus of 10% of monthly sales will be paid.

If we reach $15,000 per month in monthly sales by the end of month 6 a one-time bonus of 30% of monthly sales will be paid.

If we reach $20,000 per month or more in monthly sales by the end of month 6 a one-time bonus of 50% of monthly sales will be paid.


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