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Product Review – The Journal of Light Construction

“Simple to Learn and Use”

“LiteningFast is an inexpensive off-the-shelf program that’s simple to learn and use. Better yet, it links to QuickBooks, another inexpensive off-the-shelf program that’s simple to learn and use. That makes it a hit in my book.”
The Journal Of Light Construction

Product Review – Brian Beachner

“My Profit Margins Will Definitely Improve!”

“I just wanted to say that I really like this program. I just finished my first large estimate for adding a shed dormer and remodel the bathroom under it. It was very eye opening to me where my dollars were flying out of the window on my hand written estimates. My profit margins will definitely improve!”
Brian Beachner
Sunny Days Painting and Home Services, LLC
Rochester, NY

Product Review – Brian Kauffmann

“An Hour to Put Together a $150,000 Addition”

“We have been using LiteningFast since 1997 and I can tell you that it paid for itself on the first job. I am not great on computers yet this is so easy to use.

The two best things this program has offered us is to help our customers gain trust and confidence in us and to also protect ourselves from having to give our customers any extras without getting paid for them.

With the easy to generate detailed estimate we now incorporate our estimate with our contract so it takes all the guessing and assuming out of the equation. If it’s not on the detailed estimate then we didn’t charge you for it therefore we need to generate a change order.

The second thing is our customers love it. When we bid against other contractors who come in with this lump sum price that sometimes leaves them sticker shocked we come in with this estimate that’s broken down in every aspect of construction and they can see how we arrived at this lump sum price rather than something we just pulled out of the air.

Our customers are impressed and feel like they can actually see what they are getting for their money before we even start.

The best thing is they thank me for spending so much time to give them such a detailed estimate when it has really only taken me an hour to put together a 150k addition.
Thanks Nick!!!!!”
Brian Kauffmann
Kauffman Contracting
Seberna Park, MD

Product Review – Michael Cramer

“If You Need to Get Up and Running This Week… Get LiteningFast”

“Although I have been a carpenter and a contractor for 24 years, it has only been 9 years since I began ‘computerizing’ my trade in business.

If you are like 85% of construction outfits in this country (5 employees or less) you know that there just isn’t the time or the money to learn a new way to do something you’ve been doing all your life.

Litening Estimating is simply the most efficient estimating program available today.

I’ve worked with 5 other programs over the past 6 years and they have proved more cumbersome and limited than Litening. Now the deeper integration with QuickBooks Pro makes this program the only choice for REAL Contractors.

If you’re a big-spending schmoozer who has somebody else estimate your jobs, you might be impressed by one of the high-dollar “suites” with bells and whistles you’ll never get to toot. I’ve worked with two of them myself. Grief.

But if you need to get up and running this week and you want an estimating program that can grow with you and be customized to do things your way, get LiteningFast.

Here’s the nutshell version:
* Ready-made categories or create your own, or both.
* Smooth accounting integration with QuickBooks Pro (the best).
* NICE presentation printouts, Customizable in Word or Excel.
* WAY Cost effective with Time efficient implementation.
* Personal communication for support with the developer.
* Almost totally customizable for doing things your way.

I started using this program with Version 4 nearly 5 years ago, and experimented with more complex systems thinking I could do better. Forget it. Now Version 6 is cleaner and more versatile than ever.

I have spoken with Nick, the developer, personally on many occasions by phone to resolve issues or understand the program better. Unheard of.
Well worth the small investment.

Thanks Nick.”
Michael Cramer
Cramer Construction Concepts
Coure d’Alene, ID

Product Review – Paul L. Crouch

“Because the application is highly customizable, I can fit it to my environment”

“Just a quick note to let you know how you are doing!

I’m working through the getting started guide and I’m very impressed with the writing style. It’s very easy and is an immense help with shortening the learning curve. Because the application is highly customizable, I can fit it to my environment. Now I can create estimates that make sense to me and I don’t have to work the way someone else wants me too.

I’m especially impressed with your company procedures. I called and after 1 ring I had someone on the phone. No navigating through menu’s to reach someone I don’t know. It was really a pleasure to talk to the person I reached (sorry, I didn’t get his name) because he didn’t talk down to me. After I bought the software, I got a call thanking me for my purchase. Funny, I’ve spent a bunch of money at Microsoft and never got a thank you. It really means a lot.”
Paul L. Crouch
Los Angeles, CA

Product Review – Dennis Tharrington

“The Estimate Will be Dead on Target”

“I think your program is absolutely terrific. It is exactly what I needed to help me produce good estimates. With your program I don’t have to hire an estimator, I can do it myself in just 15-30 minutes… a 1200-1600 square foot house. And the estimate will be dead on target

I figured my first job with your program. I let my framer also figure the materials. He’s been in the business for 35 years. The two estimates were so close… it was unreal!”
Dennis Tharrington
First Home Builders, Inc.
Henderson, NC

Product Review – Sal Versaggi

“There Just Isn’t Anything Better for the Small to Medium Size Contractor”

“I’ve been a LiteningFast user since ’94 and have been very happy with your software. I’ve done hundreds of estimates over the years. LiteningFast is easy to use and talks to every software I use in my business.

Every once in a while I look around to see if I can find another software that might be better. There just isn’t anything better for the small to medium size contractor.

I’m proud to say that LiteningFast is still the best, and you just keep making it better.”

Keep up the good work!”
Sal Versaggi
Versaggi Construction
Sonoma, CA

Product Review – The Journal of Light Construction

“LiteningFast Does What You Expect”

“LiteningFast does what you expect it to do without requiring much effort on the part of the user.”
The Journal Of Light Construction

Product Review – Ron Christianson

“LiteningFast Has Helped Me Stay In the Black”

“Being a busy contractor, I needed a program that is quick, easy to learn and operate. With LiteningFast I got all that and more. My customers like the estimate reports and I like it working with QuickBooks Pro, my accounting program. LiteningFast has helped me stay in the black and look more professional.”
Ron Christianson
ON-SITE Construction
Auburn, WA

Product Review – Ben Hill

“We Were Able to do Estimates Almost Immediately”

“Just a note to say ‘thanks’ for writing LiteningFast!!
We have been using it for several years and have become very attached to it because of it’s dependability and ease of use. The program is so very simple to learn to use, that we were able to do estimates almost immediately. The fact that estimates and budgets may be imported into QuickBooks is a feature that allows tracking to keep us on our cost track. If you can write a check, you can track your job.

Also, I want to thank you for the outstanding support that you give to your software. It is second to none. You have always been ready and willing to help a customer”
Ben Hill
Ben Hill Builders, Inc.
Auburn, AL


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