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“The Ease of Use is Incredible”

“Hi, this is Gary Krause and I would like to give a testimonial for Litening Software, which I’ve been using for several years now. It has the ability to create quality estimates that are on budget and help sorting out all the complex, complexities, of creating an estimate. Details are very important in estimating and LiteningFast software has a tremendous amount of detail. The ease of use is incredible. I’ve trialed a few other estimating software in the past and it was all way too complicated. LiteningFast with the Browse n’ Build catalog is so simple, anybody, even computer illiterate people can figure this out.

Also, the program is so helpful with the video tutorials that there’s almost no learning curve. The support that Nick Hurd offers is exceptional and it’s so great when you call and not get somebody in India. You can call and talk to the owner of the company or one of his associates and get great answers and quick fixes. That’s so important when you are estimating and you have deadlines to meet.

Again, I would like to compliment Nick and his staff for excellent customer service and creating a product that is actually helpful and useful. Exporting into QuickBooks has made it even more advantageous for me to use the program.

I would highly recommend it to anybody in any trade. I’m in the landscaping trade and it’s been very very useful and helpful in winning bids and that’s what it’s all about. Getting the jobs.

Nick, thank you for your wonderful program, I appreciate it and I will continue to use it as long as you have it out there.


Gary Krause

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