“You Can Recover the Cost of the Program in the Savings from Just One Job”

“Hi, this is Gerry Yeager with Pikles Remodeling in La Mesa, California. I’ve been using Litening Estimating for about 5 years. I use it to estimate kitchen and bath remodels. We’ve created our own sections and items and it was very easy to do that, to create them and in doing so it allows us to go step-by-step through the job and make sure we don’t miss anything. We do that in the order we are going to execute the job.

This then becomes our scope of work as well as our estimate. It’s very quick to complete an estimate. Once completed, I generally export that to Excel to streamline the format that I want to present to my client.

The support from Litening has been outstanding. It’s a very flexible program. Very easy to use. I find the cost of the program to be quite reasonable. Often, you can recover the cost of the program in the savings from just one job.

I’ve enjoyed working with it and look forward to continuing to do so for many years.

Thank you.”

Gerry Yeager
Pikles Remodeling
La Mesa, California

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